Welcome to the Mycozone

Hi! I am making a website for the first time :) I've wanted to become a mycologist ever since I read Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake over quarantine.
I highly reccommend the book if you want to know a whole bunch of fun facts about fungi to annoy friends with.
I'd like to use this website to gather info and art from all my interests.
A formal apology to everyone on mobile, or even just a different sized computer screen. I'm slowly but surely figuring out what a responsive web design even is.

Links to my Pages:      Poems and Short Stories      Mushroom of the Week      About      Links to my Favorite Sites      Funguys     

Underrated Fungi

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Meme of man with boxing gloves saying alright, I'm gonna make a website. The man sits down to drink water saying, damn HTML got hands.

Images shwimages. You should check out the AZ Mushroom society! x

Bust view of cartoonish drawing of an astronaut with mushrooms sprouting from helmet.
picture of a smattering of yellow mushrooms growing on a mossy background

whats up gamers

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