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The Global Fungal Red List
The conservation of fungal species is often not the first thing that people consider--even if they're generally eco-friendly. Charismatic species typically get more attention. Recently, though, the IUCN has created an initiative to document the status of fungal species! I think this is a huge step toward protecting fungal biodiversity. If you have noticed a species declining in your area citizen scientists are welcome to contribute data! Check it out! It's pretty epic. :))

Webart I've Been Enjoying:
Time to Orbit: Unknown by Derin Edala
Tiger Tiger by Petra Erika Nordlund
Fruit Rot by Amanda
Ghost Junk Sickness by CARTRIDGE

Stuff for making websites! ~Meta:
Public Domain Review  I get some free images and inspiration from here!
Sadgrlonline's HTML Cheatsheet
Free Code Camp  A more in-depth (free) resource for learning HTML and everything else coding related.

Praying Mantis egg case hatching -don't watch if you don't like seeing swarming bugs. I thought it was fascinating but also felt a bit claustrophobic while watching, so there's that.